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November 20, 2022by admin0

What your Dublin plumber has been up to this week!

Typical Monday morning for a Dublin plumber. It’s raining and it was very windy but we pushed on and started the day with an emergency call out at a Londis shop in Ballyfermot. Unfortunately, their old water heater had split and flooded the kitchen and they needed hot water asap for their hand wash points in the shop. We had to work in a tiny canteen but the staff were great and left us to do our job. Problem attended to and resolved in less than 3 hours.

There’s lots of building work happening at the moment around Adamstown in Dublin and luckily for us, we’ve been extremely busy with general, planned plumbing jobs in the area. We spent a lot of this week installing our whole house limescale removal filters. We’ve also started supplying and fitting the Qettle instant boiling water 4 in 1 taps around Dublin. I hope to show you some of our installation pictures and some video’s soon.

It’s the beginning of “silly season” now and the life of a Dublin plumber can be stressful. We’re trying to make everyone happy and fit in lots of jobs before the Christmas break. Just so you know, we’ll be closed on Christmas day and St. Stephens Day but we’ll be ready for any emergency call out jobs during the rest of the festive season, including New Years Day.

As the week went on, the jobs were coming in thick and fast. All that said, I found time to finally fit two Rhino Tube Holders to the roof of the van. They come in a grey colour which I don’t like so I’m hoping to wrap them in navy.

Emergency Call Out

I’m not sure why but from exactly 5pm, we get a bizarre amount of emergency call out jobs so needless to say, we had some late nights this week. We attended a job in Ballyfermot out of hours where a copper pipe had burst and flooded a utility room. Luckily for the customer, they knew how to switch off the water at the mains supply. We arrived at 7pm and had the job wrapped up by 7:30

Elsewhere, we received a call from a distressed lady in Palmerstown where there was water dripping through the sitting room ceiling. This was on Friday evening at around 6pm, we arrived under an hour later. The plumber found a heating pipe had decided to pin hole. We cut a small section of the plasterboard ceiling to locate the issue and repaired it while we were there. A small lick of paint is all that’s needed now and the jobs a good’un!

Next on the list was a Saturday morning call from a gentleman in Clontarf. The customer had complained that he had no water coming into the house whatsoever. Irish water had attended and told him the problem lies inside the house as everything was fine in the area. We arrived quickly and found the water meter was clocking up mileage quite quickly which suggests a leak! After some investigation, we discovered that the old mains stop valve in the basement had burst. An easy fix and we were on our way to the next one. Another happy customer that will hopefully never need us again. (Not in an emergency anyway)

Sunday, Bloody Sunday!

Sunday, the day where you want to relax and rest your gammy plumbers knees. You want to indulge in a carvery down your local pub. Not this Sunday, MATE! After a busy week, Sunday was the most difficult. We attended a call out for a burst pipe in St. Annes Park in Raheny, Dublin 5. Of course, when we got there, we had to dig a little and found a lovely Lead pipe to ruin our day. I didn’t have any lead pipe adaptors in the van and all plumbing shops closed of a Sunday. Nightmare.

Luckily, my old mate, Dermot from Raheny who’s a plumbing & heating engineer lives close by and surely enough, he had exactly what I needed in his lockup to get this job done. Frantically, I drove over to his place and collected the elusive fitting. Then, on the way back to the job, disaster struck, A bloody puncture. That day was just long and it was straight back into the grind on Monday morning.

Thanks for reading, check out our other “Day in the life of a Dublin Plumber” blogs! Please keep us in mind if you have any general plumbing or water treatment jobs around your home or business. We’re available 7 days a week and look forward to serving you soon. Unless it’s an emergency, we don’t want you to feel that stress of a plumbing disaster 🙂





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