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– Removes up to 99% free chlorine from water
– Removes organic contaminants
– Removes phenol and benzene from water
– Removes up to 85% of pesticides of chlorine origin
– Improves the taste and smell of water
– Fits most 10 “pipe bodies, under-sink systems,

  osmotic and two-stage free standing filters available on the market
– PZH approved


10 Inch Carbon Block Filter Cartridge €9.99


Carbon insert made of specially sintered high density carbon, having a high capacity for adsorption of chlorine and other organic impurities contained in water. Especially recommended for reverse osmosis under-sink systems. High density coal has a much larger surface area, which makes it more effective.

Carbon Block Filter  extruded carbon with enhanced adsorptive capacity; carbon block water filter cartridge provide your home with pure, healthy and clean water by using a filter. Carbon Block Filter are made with coconut shell based carbon which creates what many believed to be sweeter tasting water. Cartridge is designed for use in Under Sink Filtration & Reverse Osmosis Applications but not for whole house applications.

The insert was designed for SUPREME Reverse Osmosis systems. It can also be installed in traditional filters and bodies.

The insert is compatible with the majority of 10 “bodies and filters available on the market. It has a current PZH certificate, which allows the product to come into contact with drinking soft water.

Aqua Filter Warehouse offers the 10 Inch Carbon Block Filter Cartridge €9.99, which is premium quality and durable to use. For more details and information, feel free to contact us.

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