– They contain high-quality activated carbon from coconut shells 
– Used for water treatment after reverse osmosis
– Improves the taste and smell of water
– Fits most osmotic systems available on the market
– Compatible with most American style fridges
– Connection 1/4 “threaded connections, fittings included


Inline Taste & Odour Filter (1/4″ Thread) Fittings Included €11.99


2 ”linear cartridges filled with activated carbon from coconut shells. Used after osmotic filtration. They give the water excellent taste and aroma. They are intended for the treatment of cold drinking water. The cartridges are equipped with a final filter to prevent the deposit of particles from the outside of the cartridge.

They have threaded inlet/outlet ports which can be used with 1/4″ fittings (included), thanks to which assembly is easy and quick.

We supply a wide range of taste & odour control water filters in the form of carbon block or granular activated carbon filters. Certain Inline Taste & Odour Filter filters remove chlorine and some can remove pesticides & herbicides such as simazine and atrazine that could possibly be present in the soft water.

The insert is compatible with most RO systems available on the market. It has a current PZH certificate, which allows the product to come into contact with drinking water.

Advantages: – It contain high-quality activated carbon from coconut shells – Used for water treatment after reverse osmosis – Improves the taste and smell of water.

Inline Taste & Odour Filter are available now for a great price at Aqua Filter Warehouse where customer service is our top priority.

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