Shower Water FiltersParagon SFRC1 Shower Filter Replacement Cartridge €49.99

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The Paragon SFRC1 is a replacement filter cartridge, compatible with various different Paragon filtration products. Long lasting, and highly efficient this cartridge is a great product.

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Paragon SFRC1 Shower Filter Replacement cartridge

SFRC-1 Replacement Cartridge for various Paragon Shower Water Systems: Well-known as Hand-held Shower Filter HSF1,Wall Mounted System WMF1 and Rain Showerhead AUSUN.

The Paragon SFRC1 reduces bad odor and chorline and restores the softness back into your skin and hair. It also reduces hydrogen sulfate, as well as calcium and soap film, build up, making it easier to clean and keep your shower looking crystal clear.

Filter lasts up to 10,000 gallons of water, depending on how much it is used. With a reduction in chlorine up to 99% and hydrogen sulfate, this filter puts that silky soft feeling back to your hair, scalp and skin. Using this filter you will also have the added bonus of not having to use so much soap, shampoo and conditioner in your daily wash.

Fits Paragon hand-held and wall-mount shower filters and Clean & Pure ( Clean and Pure ) branded showering systems. Also fits Culligan systems, models WSH-C125, HSH-C135, ISH-100 and RDSH-C115 Shower Units #WHR-140.

– Reduces up to 99.99% of chlorine

– Reduces hydrogen sulfate and restores natural softness of hair, skin and scalp.

– Eliminates soft water odor and chlorine taste.

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