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The Paragon SHF-1 Shower Filter efficiently and affordably purifies your shower water. With this filter you’ll see immediate reults in brighter softer hair as well as cleaner, glowing skin!


The Paragon SHF-1 Shower Filter

Details of Paragon SHF Filter

Please note : This product is not suitable for an electric shower and will reduce the flow rate and pressure on your pressurized system. All shower filters do this to some extent. There is a compromise between flow rate and filtration.

The Paragon SHF Filter is exactly what is needed for you to love showering again! This filter removes unhealthy impurities and odors and allows you to enjoy healthy, smooth hair and skin. In simple, With this filter usage, you’ll see immediate results in brighter softer hair as well as cleaner, glowing skin!

This shower filter is so easy to install, just fit it in between your pipe and shower head and you’ll have instant cleaner and healthier soft water in minutes. The Paragon SHF-1 removes 80% of chlorine from your water, like heavy metals, giving you silky soft skin after every wash. We provide the standardized and certification of the Paragon Shower Filter.

Key Benefits

•   Reduces chlorine 80%

•   Reduces hydrogen sulfate

•   Eliminates water odor and chlorine taste.

•   Reduces heavy metals

•   standardized Filter

We offers a huge collection of Paragon SHF-1 Shower Filter €53.99 from Aqua Filter, which is reliable and durable to use. For more details and information, feel free to contact us now.

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