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Product Description

A TDS meter (aka ppm pen, nutrient tester, tds stick) is an inexpensive and convenient digital tool to instantly check your overall water quality. TDS = Total Dissolved Solids, which is any salt, metal or mineral in the water. With the push of a button, the TDS can tell you your overall water purity level,which will be displayed on the screen in ppm (parts per million). The lower the TDS level, the purer the water, with 0 ppm being pure H2O. The TDS is great for checking your tap water quality, or knowing when to change a filter. (The meter does not test for biological contaminants.) The TDS is a great tool for drinking water,water filtration and purification, colloidal silver, hydroponics (test your nutrients), aquariums, RO/DI systems, pools and spas, commercial and industrial applications and more. The TDS is a rugged model that includes a protective carrying case. This is the world’s most popular handheld TDS meter for industry professionals. ts Ideal for Commercial Use Its Includes a Carrying Case with Belt Clip Hold Function: Saves Measurements for Convenient Reading and Recording Highly Efficient and Accurate Due to Its Advanced Microprocessor Technology Built-in Digital Thermometer, Display: Large and Easy-to-read LCD Screen. The AquaLutio Digital TDS Water Meter is ideal for testing applications such as hydroponics and gardening, pools and spas, aquariums and reef tanks, water ionizers, Water Filter. drinking water and more. TDS Water Meter is ideal for testing applications ideal drinking water, Water Filter, carbon filters, spring water, hard water, average tap water, Refrigerator Water Filter, Water Filter, brita filter, Reverse osmosis, reverse osmosis filter

Product Feature

For this P TESTER, it does not includes calibration liquid,the one you get maybe not accurate,In order to ensure the accuracy of this item pls make calibration when you get the parcel

  • Test the quality of various water ensuring you are enjoying the best quality water.
  • Ideal for using in the following situations: drinking water water filters hydroponics aquariums food&coffee pools&spas. TDS range: 1-9999PPM/mg / L.
  • Auto shut-off: 10minutes.
  • Data hold. Auto temperature compensation.
  • Accuracy: ±2%.
  • Dimensions: 14.2*2.3*1.3(CM)
    Battery: 2×LR44 cell battery (NOT INCLUDEd)
  • Come with a leather case.
  • TDS Meter Digital Water Quality Tester Automatic Correction Portable Cute 0~990ppm Measurement Range for Aquariums
  • The NovoBlue TDS Meter is a great tool for home and professional use to determine the ppm (parts per million), EC (electrical conductivity), water hardness, and temperature of liquids. Ideal for a variety of professional and home uses such as drinking water, hydroponics, aquariums, aquaculture, pool & hot tub, spa, car wash, food & beverage, coffee, kombucha, laboratory & scientific, colloidal silver, ecology testing, laboratory & scientific, and more!
  • SpecificationsTDS range: 0 – 990ppm (mg/L)

    Accuracy: +/- 2%

    Battery: 2x LR44(Not included)
  • Precautions

    ● Do not immerse meter in liquid beyond the maximum immersion level of 4 cm.

    ● Do not store meter in high temperatures or in direct sunlig

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