Reverse Osmosis MembranesVontron 600GPD Reverse Osmosis Membrane €99.99



ULP series of ultra-low pressure aromatic polyamide compound membrane element newly developed by Vontron Technology Co., Ltd. can work under ultra low pressure to reach as high permeate flow and salt rejection as regular low-pressure membrane element and applicableto desalination of surface water and underground water.


Details of Vontron 600GPD Reverse Osmosis Membrane

  • Name: Vontron 600GPD /Vontron reverse osmosis (RO) membranes
  • Size: 600 gallons / 24 hours (2268 liters / 24 hours)
  • Function: The use of ultra-high pressure permeability static pressure generated by the pump, so that water molecules and mineral elements by a layer of ionic reverse osmosis membrane, and the majority of heavy metals dissolved in water, organic matter and bacteria, viruses, etc. can not be by reverse osmosis film is trapped (reverse osmosis membrane pore size is only 0.0001μ microns, and the diameter of the virus are generally 0.02-0.4μ microns in diameter are common bacteria 0.4-1μ microns).
  • Uses: Suitable for any brand of 600gpd RO reverse osmosis water machine
  • The desalination rate: 97%
  • Average through the water GPD (m3 / d): 450 (1.7)
  • Effective membrane area ft2 (m2): 28 (2.57)
  • Test pressure: 60psi (0.41Mpa)
  • Maximum operating pressure: 300psi (2.07Mpa)
  • The maximum water flow rate of Vontron 600GPD: 16gpm (3.6m/ h)
  • Maximum water SDI: 5
  • The largest single membrane element pressure drop: 10psi (0.07Mpa)

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