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Osmio VitaFresh Shower Head

The Osmio Vitafresh Handheld Vitamin C Shower Filter makes your shower heavenly! Its super easy to fit yourself in seconds and right away you will be enjoy a toxin free shower! We use pharmaceutical grade vitamin C which chemically destroys toxins and has a wonderful effect on skin and hair.

Your skin is one of your main mechanisms to excrete toxins from the body, and vitamin C makes easy work of those! Feel your skin and hair become revitalised with the Osmio Vitafresh Shower Head Filter! Order one today!

Key features

  • Unlike any other filter out there, the level of vitamin C in the filter cartridge shows you the precise level so you know exactly when to change it
  • The stainless steel spray improves your water pressure by up to 600%!
  • The shower filter will save you water


Pressurised Shower - solves low pressure showers

Solves Limescale & Chlorine Issues


Osmio Vitafresh Shower Head

Here’s some info about our Osmio Vitafresh Shower Head Filter. One gram of ascorbic acid will neutralize 1 milligram per liter of chlorine per 100 gallons of water. The reaction is very fast. The chemical reaction (Tikkanen and others 2001) of ascorbic acid with chlorine is shown below:

C5H5O5CH2OH + HOCL → C5H3O5CH2OH + HCl + H2O

Ascorbic acid + Hypochlorous acid → Dehydroascorbic acid + Hydrochloric acid + water

Approximately 2.5 parts of ascorbic acid are required for neutralizing 1 part chlorine. Since ascorbic acid is weakly acidic, the pH of the treated water may decrease slightly in low alkaline waters

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