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Reverse Osmosis High Pressure Switch

The HIgh-Pressure switch is used on the Reverse Osmosis Water Filtration System.

High pressure switches protect RO Booster Pump, High-Pressure Pump, RO membrane, and other system components from damage due to high pressure.

When water pressure tank is full of soft water, High-Pressure Switch will automatically power down system and will be kicked off when insufficient pressure/water occurred

General Pressure can be set

This is used on your Reverse Osmosis System. The high pressure switch is designed to cut the pump off when a set pressure is reached and is generally used in either a pressure tank equipped system or an open tank system using a float valve. This would be located as close as possible to the float valve or the pressure tank. In this situation, it keeps the system maximum pressure from being reached and keeps the pump from running continuously. General pressure setting for High-Pressure Switches is 0.25Mpa±0.03Mpa. If the Back Pressure is High,this switch will act and turn off the power supply to Booster Pump thus saving the Pump from Overloading.

1/4″ Pushfit


This HP switch is fitted on the output side of RO booster pump and will turn off the power supply to the pump when the water back pressure increases as a result a blockage in the Reverse Osmosis system.

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