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Reverse Osmosis Membrane Wrench


Reverse Osmosis Membrane Wrench is designed to open ro membrane; it makes membrane change easy. This is an essential and durable accessory for under sink reverse osmosis system maintenance. It fits most of the standard size membrane housings.

Used to tighten and loosen RO membrane Wrench
Product uses certified materials to ensure safety
Membrane housing wrench is designed to use with under-sink reverse osmosis system
Inner diameter of membrane wrench is 3.1

This wrench allows you to open and or tightens your ro membrane housing.

This RO Membrane housing spanner is inserted onto the head of the RO Membrane housing and by turning to the left or right allows you to easily open or tighten the RO Membrane Wrench housing. Other manner, known as Used for Soft water filter system.

Material: PP

  • Make filter changes easier!
  • Open and shut the housings
  • Colour = White .
  • Fits all standard ro membrane housings both housing and ro membrane housing
  • Eases access to filter housing and water filtration process.
Make your filter changes quicker and easier with a RO Membrane Housing Wrench. The wrench is compatible with all standard reverse osmosis filter housings. For more details and Order, contact to Aqua Filter Warehouse

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