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100% Limescale removal from the entire home guaranteed - Results within 7 days
Prevent Limescale Damage To Pipe Work
Our Clack water softeners will remove 100% of Limescale from the whole house
Super Neat Installations - Under Sink Water Treatment
Our water softeners are installed to the highest standards using internal waste & overflow connections
No More Limescale Scum on Sanitary ware
Remove hard water from your home today with our Clack water softening systems
Installations Nationwide - Republic of Ireland
Our highly trained water treatment engineers will install your system in under 3 hours

Are Your Suffering With Limescale Issues in Your Home?

Fear not, our Clack water softener systems will eliminate 100% of limescale from your entire home guaranteed

Over 70% of Irish homes have issues with limescale destroying their appliances, water pipe work & showers etc. Extend the lifespan of your shower by eliminating the hard water from your mains supply.

Whole House Water Filter Systems

Eliminate sediment, sand & other particulate matter from your mains water supply with our Aqua Filters

Cost effective water filter systems which are NSF certified to the highest standards. Easy, compact installation process


The Clack Water Softening System, Superior Quality

Choosing a water softener system can be a difficult task. Here we will provide an honest opinion on the best and most efficient system that guarantees 100% limescale removal
Will your water softeners provide 100% removal of Limescale everywhere in the house?

Absolutely, we guarantee you will see the positive effects of having hard water removed from the entire home within 7 days

Do you provide an unsoftened hard water filtered drinking outlet?

All of our water softener installations come complete with a separate drinking water filter and chrome tap. Super clean filtered water 24/7

Do you provide any sort of guarantee with your products?

Everything which we sell & install come with the highest level of warranties and after care service. We will always be available to answer your queries

Will I be waiting long to have an installation?

Normally we will have your system installed within 10 working days. The process is quick and easy and we will complete the fitting within 3 hours

What's the best way to pay?

You can pay the technician on the day of installation by card or cash. He will then issue you with a receipt


Crystal Clear Drinking Water Systems For Pure Water On Tap 24/7

We provide high quality NSF drinking water filter systems from Doulton Ceramics to Supreme Reverse Osmosis products

We have water filters to remove Fluoride, Chlorine, Limescale, Bacteria, Metals & lots more. Get in touch with us today to discuss your water filtration needs

Benefits of Having a Clack Water Softener Installed

There's a long list of reasons to have a Clack Cabinet water softener fitted in your home. If you have limescale, you know the problems it can cause

Once your Clack water softener has been installed, it will take 7 days to really see and feel the benefits. 100% of limescale removed guaranteed. Learn more about water hardness here


We have the Clack Water Softener For You & Your Family

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